Which apartments are there in NP ONE and how much is the rent?

We have 1-3 room apartments, from 19 to 73m². The warm rent for the cheap apartments is € 450 per month. All other prices, apartment types and information can be found in the apartments section on our website.

How can I rent an apartment?

After you have found your suitable apartment, we need some information from you. These include: a tenant self-assessment, your certificate of enrollment, your Schufa information and, if applicable, guarantee documents. You will receive all further information after your request.

Can everyone rent an apartment in the NP ONE?

The NP ONE offers its apartments to students and people from the university environment.

What is included in the so-called warm rent?

All ancillary costs such as B. included electricity, water, internet, heating and cleaning of the common areas.

At the end of the year, you will not receive a service charge statement and, even better, you will not have to make any additional payments. However, the landlord is entitled to increase the ancillary costs as soon as the ancillary costs rise and the lump sum is no longer sufficient to cover the costs.

Is internet (WiFi) included in the warm rent?

An internet connection according to today’s standards is of course available to you and is already included in the warm rent.

Does the rent change with the term of the contract?

The rent is guaranteed for at least 1 year from the start of the contract. Only the ancillary costs can change – see item What is included in the so-called warm rent?

Do I have to pay a deposit or other fees?

Before the start of the rental period, a deposit of 3 net rents is due. There are no other one-off costs.

Do I have to rent the apartment for a minimum time?

In principle, a minimum rental period of 9 months applies.

Is there a telephone and a television connection in the apartments?

A telephone and a television connection are provided in each apartment.

What furniture is already in the apartment? How is the kitchen equipment?

When you move into your apartment, lugging furniture is no longer a problem – a kitchenette, a desk with a chair, as well as a wardrobe and a bed are available. The kitchenette already contains all the necessary electronic devices: a refrigerator with freezer compartment, a double hotplate and a built-in microwave with grill function.

Is there a bicycle parking space and parking spaces?

Sufficient bicycle parking spaces are available in the basement. There are also 68 parking spaces in the underground car park, which can be rented separately and individually.

How safe are the area and the NP ONE?

In your apartment you have your own intercom system with which you can let your guests into the building.

Can I have visitors in my apartment? Even overnight?

You can receive visitors in your apartment at any time. Overnight stays are also possible, but only for a short time.

Who is my contact person at NP ONE?

The Hehle Immobilien team is responsible for the rental. After the rental, the property management or a caretaker will take care of your concerns.